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Blue Raspberry Built-In Audio Tools Make It Ideal For On-The-Go Recording

Blue Microphones developed the new Raspberry, a portable microphone designed for use with a computer and iOS devices. The Raspberry compact stature and built-in audio tools make it ideal for on-the-go recording, even with the $200 asking price. It’s definitely small enough, though, to toss into a bag, and carry around the house for those mornings you’d rather broadcast from the bed than from the office. Like other Blue products, it is also plug-and-play, along with USB and Lightning compatibility for the iOS faithful.

Blue Raspberry Portable Microphone Design:

With the Raspberry, Blue threw in its usual retro design touches without the overdoing it. The company has just a knack for blending old and new aesthetics in a way that’s unique but not kitschy. The exterior here’s mostly silver with a matching metal stand to anchor it. Tiny rubber feet on the bottom of stand help insulate the mic from any vibrations on your desktop that could cause problems for captured audio. The prominent Blue logo also sits front and center on a panel of red leather that continues down to the bottom. And also around back — no doubt a nod to the gadget’s name. This new thing is also really small. When it is folded down and nestled in its attached stand, it stands about as tall as both of the phones I have lying around: the Moto X and iPhone 6s.


Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Portable Microphone Features:

On the back of the device you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack to monitor the audio, as well as a microUSB port used to connect the mic to a computer or mobile device. On the sides of the mic, you will find knobs to control the mic’s volume and the volume of your connected headphones. A status light center and front lets you know when Raspberry is powered on, muted, and if there is anything wrong.

Blue Raspberry Portable Microphone Specs:

This device works with USB or lightning, means that it can be plugged directly into an iPhone. At about 13cm long and 5cm square. It isn’t quite pocket-sized, but it has potential to be the most painless-to-use portable beginner mic. According to company, the Raspberry is about capturing audio outside the desktop environment and is, ‘ideal for the podcasts, on-location interviews, voice-overs, live streams, audio for YouTube, and music.’

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