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Yuneec announcing its new Mantis Q model with up to 33-minutes of flight per charge

Yuneec has announced a brand new addition to its lineup of patron drones known as the Mantis Q. It has a bunch of functions for a $500 drone: 4K video, voice controls, and face detection, plus a top flying pace of 44 mph and 33 mins of flight time. The Mantis Q weighs 1 pound and can be folded to match right into a backpack, making it best for households and informal photographers.

Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Design

The Yuneec Mantis Q is billed as a foldable travel drone, one small sufficient to slide into a massive pocket while the rotors are folded in. Notwithstanding its small size and 1lbs weight, this model boasts long flight instances, enabling customers to report lengthy activities, cinematic clips, and extra. Yuneec has additionally packed a gaggle of features that make recording this content as easy as possible.


Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Features

As a long way as nevertheless snap shots are concerned, Mantis Q is aware of to take a selfie whilst it detects someone smiling; it also takes a photo if a person in the view of its digicam waves their hand. Nonetheless pix, that are captured at as much as 4K resolutions, are saved to a microSD card.

Video recording, in the meantime, supports complete HD and 4K resolutions; the decrease of the two is joined by live digital stabilization. As with many different digital camera drones, Mantis Q helps Orbit Me and point of interest recording modes, which automatically bring about the tool recording cinematic shots around a person or place.

Also unique with the Mantis Q is voice control, which includes controlling the drone (“Take off,” for example), and the camera (“Take a picture/video,” as examples). Users who aren’t keen on voice commands can instead use a physical controller with a phone mount. This is a necessary component for the model’s racing mode, which enables users to race other drones using a live feed on the handset; the model has a top 44mph speed.

Yuneec Mantis Q Foldable 4K Camera Drone Price

Yuneec is accepting pre-orders for the drone now at $499.99 USD and $649.99 USD — the latter includes extra batteries and a travel bag. If you are interested, jump to Amazon for more details.

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