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The Yeti Nano is a smaller version of Blue’s Yeti microphone

Blue Microphones, the makers of the Yeti and the Snowball, have a cutting-edge plug-and-play USB mic on sale right now known as the Yeti Nano. It is currently $99.99 on Amazon. While the handiest presently available colour is Smoke gray, you could also order it in bright Blue and red Onyx. Those variations are presently categorised as “quickly Out of inventory.” We do not yet recognize while they’ll become available, but that just way they may be shipped when they arrive in.

Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Microphone Features

Blue claims it has kept the same studio-pleasant sound of the authentic Yeti in this new model — it supports sample rate as much as 24-bit/48kHz, as with most of Blue’s microphone lineup — even though that glaringly hasn’t come without exchange-offs. The larger Yeti has 3 condenser mic capsules inner it, whereas its smaller sibling has . The elder Yeti also has four pickup patterns, that means it can file sound four unique ways: one is for focusing at the person in front of it, any other is for producing a wide stereo picture, the third is adapted to engaging in interviews, and the last is omnidirectional, capturing the entirety across the mic. The Blue Yeti Nano most effective has the single-goal and omnidirectional modes, which, frankly, can be enough for the majority’s functions.


Some specs include:

Connection through USB
PC and Mac compatibility
No-latency headphone output
24-bit/48kHz recording
Recording from single or multiple sources at once
Cardioid mode for recording sources directly in front of the mic
Omnidirectional mode for recording sound from all directions
Blue Sherpa companion app

Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Microphone Price

The gray Blue Yeti Nano is available to buy now for $99 / £89. Over the coming month, handsome blue, red, and gold variants will also become available. No YouTuber should have to sacrifice looks or elegance for the sake of better sound quality.

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