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TwelveSouth Is Back With Another Useful Mac Accessory With The MagicBridge

Twelve South has recently revealed MagicBridge, an accessory which connects your Apple Wireless Keyboard and your Magic Trackpad 2, creating a one-piece control surface which lets you swipe and type more efficiently.

The MagicBridge is a natural extension of TwelveSouth’s earlier MagicWand accessory for the older version of Apple’s trackpad and keyboard duo. But there is various design choices here: the MagicBridge works in a series of cutouts on the back give access to the Lightning ports to recharge, and either right- or left-hand configurations. Look, the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 are basically designed to go side by side, so why not let them be together as Jony Ive intended?



The MagicBridge is an update to Twelve South’s previous device, called the MagicWand, which connected the original Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad and provided a steeper angle for typing.


MagicBridge is precision crafted in matte white polycarbonate. It is feather-light and does not block Bluetooth signals. When you just look down, its new white frame seamlessly combines with matte white keyboard and trackpad. This new gadget also has silicone pads on the inside to protect your trackpad and keyboard and silicone feet underneath to protect your desk.

This handy new gadget allows you to connect the two devices in one larger keyboard, making it a lot easier to use them both, that’s amazing. No tapping to find user’s trackpad and also no looking down at the keyboard. And what i really love most is that users can use it whether they’re a righty or a lefty.

As for actual magic, there is not actually any, but we figure anything that streamlines our work life is pretty darn magical.

If yo are interested to buy, this MagicBridge is available today from Twelve South’s website for $35.

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