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The RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic Headphones is the first to feature drivers that are only 10mm in size

Glasgow’s RHA has inspired us some of instances in the beyond with high-stop cabled earphones like the T20, and now the audio equipment maker has announced what it is calling the world’s first wireless in-ear headphone to use planar magnetic tech. Planar is pretty difficult to conquer in terms of accuracy, responsiveness and occasional distortion listening, which makes the CL2 earphones an thrilling wired-free suggestion. And in case you don’t need to go Bluetooth, the in-ear headphones may be cabled too.

“On the start of the layout process for the CL2 Planar, my team had been faced with the challenge of creating a new preferred in acoustic engineering,” said RHA’s Kyle Hutchison. “We spent years gaining knowledge of and trying out, and what we’ve produced is a world-first in magnetic driving force tech.”

RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Design

Design wise, the earphones appearance similar to a number of the neckband-fashion earphones RHA has previously launched. They characteristic a similar bendy, rounded neckband to the MA750 wired-free, in conjunction with similarly designed casings and over-ear hooks.

The earphone housings are built from zirconium dioxide, which means that a clean inner floor designed to make certain the audio waves pass freely, with none obstruction.


RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Features

At the same time as the audio overall performance promises to be awesome, it is not the simplest element that makes those new earphones an attractive proposition.

In addition to having the wired-free Bluetooth 4.1 neckband, the RHA CL2 Planar ships with two removable cables. One with a general 3.5mm jack and the other with a 2.5mm jack. Altogether this indicates you’ll be capable of listen to your music thru pretty tons any device.

The Bluetooth neckband itself delivers up to 12 hours of playback time and is compatible with aptX and AAC streaming. It also has a range of 10 metres and is equipped with NFC for easy pairing with compatible Android phones.

As you’d expect, you’ll be able to control your phone’s music remotely using the neckband’s built-in three button remote, which also allows you to launch the phone’s digital assistant, whether that be Siri or Google Assistant.

RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic Headphones Price

The RHA CL2 Planar will retail for $900 and are available in select retailers. If these don’t seem to be your cup of tea, take a look at other earbuds you can buy for an idea what might be more up your alley.

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