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Protect any lens anytime with the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

KUVRD has released a one-size-fits-all Universal Lens Cap (ULC) designed to guard lenses from unsafe factors, consisting of dirt and water, as well as minor drops. Clearly known as the KUVRD widely wide-spread Lens Cap, this ULC is made with silicone that can stretch to house various lens sizes and styles, together with each the front and rear of the lens.

KUVRD Universal Lens Cap Design

This cylinder-formed lens cap is reduce in a stretchy and defensive silicone cloth that permits for greater flexible characteristic. Due to the cylinder form, it doesn’t simply function protection for the glass, it’s able to save you the sides of the lens from getting nicked and scratched, too.


Made from rubber, the Kuvrd conventional lens cap stretches back over the barrel of the lens so you can use the equal cap for both the back and front of every lens. That also means you’re not simply protective the glass, you are protective the barrel as properly, so that it will help your lenses stay looking younger through the years.

With a one-length-suits-all design, this smart lens cap takes the confusion and guesswork out of protecting your lenses. The KUVRD Lens is product of exceptionally durable yet stretchy cloth. It stays at 60mm and can stretch as wide as 150mm. With this, it without a doubt suits every single lens you very own. Similarly, it works on each the the front and rear of your lenses for all-over safety. The KUVRD Lens additionally goes above and past a general difficult lens cap. Way to the seal it produces, the KUVRD Lens is proof against the factors consisting of water and even dirt. Plus, it will by no means fall off so that you will have overall peace of thoughts. It also protects in opposition to modifications in temperature, altitudes, and environments.

KUVRD Universal Lens Cap Price

They come in around US$15 each on the Kuvrd company’s Kickstarter page, which has currently raised just over US$67,000 of its US$2,500 goal. Deliveries are estimated for March 2018 if all goes to plan.

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