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Pokemon Snoring Snorlax Slippers Are Designed To Keep Your Toes Warm

ThinkGeek has created an officially licensed pair of Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers that “look just like your favorite sleepy Pokémon” and actually make snoring noises while you walk around in them. These slippers are sure to keep your toes safe and warm from the frigid mornings and nights. It would not be Snorlax if it didn’t sleep on the job though, so when you step the Snorlax will do one of his best tricks – snore. A constant reminder that you can never make a Snorlax forget how to use rest, even if you wanted to.


Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers

Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers Design:

This is a pair of officially licensed and pretty cute slippers themed by Pokémon. As we can see from the image, the slippers are designed based on Snorlax, a huge pocket monster who likes eating and sleeping. Each slipper shows off accurate detailing and smooth contours from its original looks, but the compact design enables the slippers to fit up to men’s shoe size 10/ women’s 12.

Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers Features:

The Snorlax slippers features 100% polyester upper, lining, filling, and insole and 6% cotton outsole in order to keep your toes safe and warm from the frigid mornings and nights.

Furthermore, when you walk, the slippers make snoring noises, so each slipper is just powered by three 1.5V button cell batteries. In addition, its bottom fabric is coated with no-slip dots that prevent you from falling on wet floors.

Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers Price:

The Pokémon Snoring Snorlax slippers are priced at $29.99 USD. If you are interested, jump to ThinkGeek for its more details.

If you are in the U.S., please note that you can still get this in time for Christmas if you order by Saturday at midnight with standard shipping! For the rest of the world, be sure to use the express shipping!

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