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Mount-It tempered glass monitor stand integrated USB hub brings more features to the stand

The modern-day Glass PC monitor Stand from Mount has a tempered glass floor that increases your screen by way of 3.25″. It is able to aid shows as much as 32″ and a complete of 66 lbs. Anti-slip pads are connected on the lowest of its toes to limit wobbling and make sure that it does not fall off your table. Moreover, you could keep extra items beneath the stand to organize and clean your desk of muddle.

Mount-It Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Design

This is a robust and versatile reveal stand that measures 24.5 x 9.2 x 4 inches and weighs 6.06 oz.. As proven in the snap shots, the stand indicates off an elegant and minimum look design that suits on any computer, and the clear tempered glass and aluminum legs deliver fashionable contemporary aesthetics.

Mount-It Tempered Glass Monitor Stand

Mount-It Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Features

The 3.8″ thick tempered glass is able to maintain a whopping sixty six lbs so the stand works with up to 32-inch video display units or all-in-one computers. Two preset adjustable heights permit it to supply an ideal viewing stage for improving your posture and preventing you from neck and back pain.

Moreover, the tempered glass monitor stand comes geared up with an incorporated USB hub with five USB ports, so you can use it to attach more USB gadgets together with your computer or price your mobile devices with one 2.4A USB port and one 1.5A port, and 3.5mm audio ports hook up with your headphones and microphone. Further, a cushioned computer stand is designed to preserve your pc upright for saving table area, and your keyboard and mouse can show away beneath the glass whilst not in use.

Mount-It Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Specs

Raises Monitor by 3.25″
Supports up to 32″ Monitors
Supports up to 66 lbs
Tempered Glass Surface
Anti-Slip Padded Rectangular Legs

Mount-It Tempered Glass Monitor Stand Price

The tempered glass monitor stand is priced at $36.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new tempered Glass monitor stand, then jump to Amazon for its more details.

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