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Kobo Aura One, A High-End, Waterproof eBook Reader With A Giant Screen

Kobo come again with a new e-reader that could give Kindle owners some serious second thoughts. This time Kobo has returned with the Aura One, a high-end, build quality and waterproof ebook reader with a giant screen, it’s hard to imagine much innovation occurring in Amazon-dominated space.

The Kobo Aura One is literally big, a 7.8-inch behemoth in a world of the standard 6-inch displays. But its features are also outsized, whether it’s robust waterproofing, a clever new nighttime lighting sys, or a way to help you read as many top-shelf books as you please without paying a cent. More importantly, they are all enhancements you won’t find on an Amazon Kindle.


The Aura has a modern new look with flat glass front and a slimmed down bezels, so the screen is no longer nestled deep inside rubbery bezels. The back is black with a nice grippy texture. It is also waterproof with an IPX8 rating, which means it can go under 6 feet of water for 60 min. The power button adds a pop of blue on the back, and there’s a Micro USB on the bottom for the charging. The battery should last through a month of reading, though it will vary based on how much you read.

Kobo is also unveiling a new software feature with the Aura One: the ability to change the color temperature of the screen. You can also tweak the setting manually in the settings or, like with the overall brightness of the screen, it can be set to the auto-adjust throughout the day. The link between blue light and sleepless nights has been an increasingly hot topic in the recent years, and while the effectiveness of features like this one or Apple’s Night Shift is debatable, it is nice to see Kobo take a crack at another new feature that other e-readers are missing.

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