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Elgato Eve Degree, A Compact Temperature & Humidity Sensor Integrated With Apple’s HomeKit

Accessory maker Elgato has recently announced the newest device in its Eve series of HomeKit-connected devices, Bluetooth-connected Eve Degree temperature and humidity monitor. Elgato‘s Eve Degree is a compact temperature, air pressure, and humidity sensor, wrapped up in a simple and handsome design, and it promising to be the smart trigger your connected home has been asking for. And the best part is that it runs off a replaceable coin cell battery that will last up to a year.

Elgato Eve Degree Design

The Elgato Eve Degree is a palm-sized device, means that it can be mounted to a wall or easily sit on a flat surface, and this device has IPX3 resistance against splashing and light rain, allowing to use both indoors and outdoors. Power is from a supplied battery that amazingly last for around a year; and you can also replace it yourself. This device uses low-power Bluetooth LE to communicate with your smartphone. The Elgato Eve Degree measures just 54mm x 54mm x 15mm and it is packed full of sensors means that you know what is happening with the weather.


Elgato Eve Degree

Elgato Eve Degree Features

Elgato Eve Degree works with HomeKit so iPhone and iPad users can view the temperature and humidity data in Apple’s Home app and use the room sensor for creating automation rules. Additional data can be easily see within its own app. If you have a fourth-generation Apple TV or an iPad that is also a Home Hub, this device can automatically trigger different actions, such as turning on a humidifier if the air is dry.

Sensor data also flows into the iOS app, that graphs annual, monthly, and daily trends. It includes air pressure, which is not displayed in Home.

Elgato Eve Degree Price

The Elgato Eve Degree is available to pre-order on Amazon, at a cost of £60. Shipping is expected to start from 7 June.

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