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Crua Clan Modular Tent System Is Designed To Fit For Every Adventurer

Derek O’Sullivan and crew have this month taken to Kickstarter to help enhance funds to take their new Crua extended family modular tent machine into production.

Consisting of a lightweight hiking Tent, Insulated Cocoon and Air-Framed residing space every component of the Crua clan modular tent can either be used for my part or collectively to offer the final outdoor transportable habitat.

Crua Clan Modular Tent System

The Crua Clan is a effective and bendy modular tent system that’s seeking to meet all your camping needs. The camping tent system consists of three elements such as Crua Cocoon, Crua Duo, and Crua middle. All of the tents are manufactured from breathable polyester with water resistant outer layer so as to deliver a safe and comfy refuge in the course of your tenting ride.


Crua Duo

The Crua Duo is a two-person trekking tent that measures 3 x 1.5 x 1.25m and promises a floorspace of 4.5 rectangular meters, which grants a comfy and spacious residing area. In the meantime, the tent is noticeably water repellant HH 5000mm to be able to address numerous outdoor situations. There may be a garage region for your gear in the tent, and its worm evidence mesh ensues you fall sleep effectively at night time.

Crua Cocoon

The Crua Cocoon is a standalone insulated pod that measures 2.1 x 1.35 x 1.25m. you may set it up to your Crua Duo in mins, which creates a temperature, noise and light insulated space, and breathable fabric permit for top of the line air flow, so the combo provides a really perfect tenting solution that fits for distinct seasons.

Crua Core

The Crua core is designed for the camping trips with more adventurers, which measures 4.9 x 3.5 x 2.3m. The modular tent works with up to a few Crua Duo hiking tents, and the use of incorporated zippers you may effortlessly put the tents together for a spacious living area.


The team of Crua has successfully achieved the crowdfund goal on Kickstarter, but we can still pledge $149-$749 to preorder one tent or full modular tent system. All tents are expected to be shipped in February 2018.

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