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Bridge Headset For Apple Devices

Daydream does not work with the iPhones, unfortunately. But a small startup, Occipital, has launched a new headset for Apple devices that can do more than any other mobile VR headset currently available — even the ones from Oculus and Google.

The Occipital Bridge headset is the most powerful phone-driven VR headset in the market. What makes it different from the other VR headsets in the market is that it is made exclusively for the iPhone. The Bridge headset comes from the same company that created the Occipital Structure Sensor, an iPad and iPhone add-on which uses infrared to scan objects and gauge distances automatically.


Bridge Headset

The Bridge Headset Features:

The Bridge looks like a basic plastic Google Cardboard-type VR headset for iPhone, and it is. But it also connects with Occipital’s Structure camera, and a depth-sensing tool that can create 3D scans and maps much like Google Tango’s advanced phone camera technology does. The Structure camera, which has already been available for over a year, costs $380 separately. The headset basically costs $20 more.

This VR headset for iPhone is embedded with 120-degree wide-angle lens attachment and also has a top-mounted structure unit. This headset can map your virtual surroundings within a minute of you putting them on.

The Occipital Bridge headset works only with the iPhone 6, 6S, and 7. It doesn’t support Plus-sized models. Moreover, this VR headset for iPhone yields a low-resolution experience of 640×480 per eye.

But unlike AR headsets like Microsoft Hololens, Bridge does not use transparent glass. Instead, it uses iPhone camera and the Structure Sensor to film the space in front of you, then it overlays computer graphics into the live streaming footage.

The Bridge Headset Price:

The Bridge headset for iPhone is quite inexpensive, compared to the other high-end phone-driven VR headsets in market. A developer-centric Explorer Edition is priced at $500, while consumer-oriented model retails at $400.

Shipping for developer-centric Explorer Edition begins this month, while the consumer-oriented model will come out in March 2017.

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