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Barner 2.0 computer glasses are designed to protect your eyes from blue light from your digital devices

In case you spend long hours gazing PC, tablet or phone screens you will be interested by new laptop glasses designed to shield your eyes from Blue light. Supplying you with advanced sound asleep patterns and a more fit life-style.The Barner 2.0 laptop glasses, now to be had to back through Kickstarter with early bird pledges to be had from €49 providing a 30 percent saving off the recommended retail price.

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Design

The Barner 2.0 is a couple of properly-designed and realistic laptop glasses this is to be had in two models: Dalston and Le Marais. As we will see from the images, both models show off a fashionable city-fashion appearance layout, and 4 one-of-a-kind body hues and patterns permit the glasses to meet greater non-public possibilities. in the meantime, the flex hinges and temples permit them to evolve to any size of face, and the rubberized texture on the frame lets in for a higher grip on your nose and ears.

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Features

The usage of the light filtering machine, Barner 2.0’s lenses block are able to block 40% of the blue light on the damaging spectrum and one hundred percent of the blue light at 410nm from your laptop and cell gadgets, so that you will sense your eyes more energizing and more relaxed. Moreover, it’ll help you keep away from early macular degeneration.

The Barner 2.0’s lenses are coated with extra hard coat combined with an extremely smooth surface in order to protect the lenses from scratching, while the anti-static coating and hydrophobic layer prevent the lenses from static, dust, droplets and oil stains. The flawlessly top smooth coating allows you to easily clean the lenses. In addition, an optional solar clip-on turns the computer glasses into sunglasses.

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Price

The team behind Barner 2.0 is raising fund for the product on Kickstarter. We can pledge $49 to preorder the computer glasses and a clip-on. The bundle will be shipped in February 2019.

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