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Anker has unveiled PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition

There was a bit of controversy recently over Nintendo’s alleged crackdown on third- party docks and chargers that go away a few Switches hopelessly lifeless. On the same time, however, Nintendo has yet to provide the reputable add-ons that switch proprietors want. Happily, there’s a middle ground in licensed third- party products. That’s the direction that popular power accessory maker Anker has taken to offer customers formally certified power banks promised to offer you hours and hours of gaming amusing on the go.

Those are hardly the handiest power banks that work with the Nintendo switch. They’re no longer even the first Anker power banks to juice up the hand held. But thinking about the uncertainty and worry over using unofficial accessories, Anker is proudly waving its reliable certification direct from Nintendo.


Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank Nintendo Switch Edition Design

The PowerCore is a excessive overall performance portable charger licensed via Nintendo for faultless compatibility with Nintendo switch. The power bank is available in models consistent with specific sizes and battery capacities along with 20100mAh and 13400mAh. As we can see from the snap shots, the USB charger shows off a minimum and occasional-profile appearance design, and the black matte finished rubberized outside capabilities a Nintendo transfer logo. in the meantime, the compact shape element lets in you to effortlessly save it in a Nintendo switch bag for portability.

Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank Nintendo Switch Edition Features

With a integrated USB-C port, the portable power bank gives 1.7/ 2.5 Nintendo switch charges while on the go, and its electricity transport tech allows it to provide the fastest feasible charge for your switch. Moreover, a USB port with PowerIQ guarantees it supplies a high-speed charge to different cell devices.

Anker PowerCore Portable Power Bank Nintendo Switch Edition Price

The PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition is priced at $69.99/ $89.99 USD. If you are really interested in this new portable power bank Nintendo Switch Edition and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.

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