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Google WiFi Router Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month, Google announced a revision to the OnHub router, aptly titled Google Wifi. This new router is actually a system of routers, which use overlapping signals to provide you with better reception throughout your home. The Google Wifi router system is now available for pre-order on the Google Store. This system replaces your single router with Eero-style access points. Each of these individual nodes acts as a signal relay that reduces WiFi dead zones throughout your house.

The Wifi is designed to improve your wireless internet by using multiple routers scattered around an apartment or house. And like the Google’s OnHub routers, this Wifi system is meant to automatically handle things like channel management and traffic routing to optimize speeds and efficiency.

Google WiFi Router

Google WiFi Router

In fact, the company only recommends multiples for space over 1,500 square feet. Aside from the creating a mesh network, this little devices also feature software designed to limit congestion by switching between the channels and optimizing speeds by toggling through the 2.4 and 5GHz bands based on the location.

Google WiFi Router Price:

Google WiFi is available as a single, $129 unit for the apartments and small homes (500-1,500 square feet) or as a $300 3-pack that covers up to 3,000 – 4,500 square feet. The sys employs Google’s Network Assist software to ensure you are always running on the fastest connection. It offers vocal cues and advice for optimizing the individual nodes’ positions.

The WiFi bundles are available through Google Store, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. According to a Droid Life report, they should begin shipping on 6th December. According to Google, when you set up the three-router system, your mobile device or phone will seamlessly transition between your various access points, using a background network-assist sys which will transition you to the best Wi-Fi access point. It will even juggle you between Wi-Fi channels to make sure you’re not on one that’s too congested by other devices.

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