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Apps To Help You Manage Your Money

Everyone gets overwhelmed when some money is deposited in their bank accounts, either for a project you did or salary. Many people, however, end up wasting their income on unnecessary items and fun and end up borrowing from friends as they wait for the next paycheck. Unbudgeted money tends to leave the bank faster than it’s getting in. Luckily, there are apps which can be used by both Android and iOS users to manage their money and help in avoiding debts. These apps will help in tracking your spending, budget and managing your finances, and alert you when you are spending more than you are earning.



Mint is one of the favourite money managing apps for people who want to monitor their earnings, savings, spending and budget. With this app, it is easy to synchronise your bank accounts and the app will give you a comprehensive report of your finances. Mint is an effective app especially for people who want to keep track of their credit score if they plan on securing a loan from a financial institution. This app shows your financial position in real time and alerts you whenever you go beyond your budget.


The BillGuard app is an effective money management tool which plays two significant roles: protect your credit and debit cards from fraudulent charges and assist you in comprehending your spending habits. You have to sync this app with your bank account where you will receive the current balance and your monthly spending. BillGuard will give you a notification whenever a transaction occurs on your bank accounts where you can notify the app by swiping right if you carried out the transaction, or left if you did not authorise the transaction. A swipe on the left gives you different options of helping you recognise who authorised the transaction, reporting or contacting your merchant or following up. This app ensures that you get every report of any transactions going on in your accounts.


Penny acts as an AI chat which provides you with financial information in form of a text. Linking this app to your bank accounts will be helpful in getting answers to any financial questions straight to your device. This app will give you financial information which you will find useful, although you never knew they existed in the first place, like upcoming bills, your daily spending and which subscriptions are escalating their rates.

CMC Markets

Online traders  need an app which can give them real time information on the performance of the global market. CMC Markets plays a big role in ensuring that traders can have instance access to their margin-loan or cash funded stockbroking accounts. From this app, traders can transfer funds, manage current positions, and trade confirmations on all accounts linked to the app. Traders can also monitor the global market while on-the-go and follow the current news in stockbroking from market depth, ASX, charts, Morningstar and Dow Jones and course of sales.

Level Money

This app allows you to link all your bank accounts, income, credit cards and your planned savings. The app goes ahead to analyse the numbers and give you an amount which you can spend comfortably daily without dictating how you should spend it. Level Money is helpful to people who want a daily breakdown of their expenses rather than having a long term monthly budget. The best features of this app include the ability to compare your spending for each month and set up trackers on some specific purchases which you make every month, like how much you spend on Lyft or Uber rides.

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