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Stratus Duo is SteelSeries’ latests full-size multi-platform controller created to offer mobile games

SteelSeries has revealed Stratus Duo, a brand new widespread Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wired-free controller designed for cell structures, Oculus move, Samsung equipment, and pc. The controller goals game enthusiasts who want something more substantial than a touchscreen or mini sport pad, rather presenting plug-and-play capability along a layout just like gaming console controllers.

Mobile and VR gaming is developing in recognition, however each are usually constrained when it comes to controllers. Touchscreens are inadequate for plenty games that require more particular manage, which include Fortnite, and the controllers to be had for certain VR headsets can be too unexpected for some gamers.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller Design

In many approaches, SteelSeries’ Stratus Duo looks much like a number of the agency’s different controllers. It packs your common ABXY buttons along with a D-pad, left and proper thumb sticks, 4 triggers, and 3 buttons within the center commonly used for pausing and navigation

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller Features

It’s not all about the wireless, of course. The Stratus Duo notably features “an upgraded design from the Stratus XL with a new trigger design featuring Magnetic Hall Effect sensors that keeps triggers consistent and precise,” according to the press release. It “also includes high performance clickable analog joysticks that feature minimal dead zones and smooth operation. The controller is powered by a lithium ion battery for 20+ hours of play time and includes a Micro USB cable that is 1.8 meters/5.9 feet in length.”

SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Gaming Controller Price

SteelSeries also offers the Stratus XL a Bluetooth gaming controller created for Android and Windows priced at $59.99 and Nimbus designed for Apple TV , iOS, and Mac gaming priced at $49.99; the optional SmartGrip will launch soon for $9.99 USD.

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