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Microsoft Finally Revealed Minimum Specs For Its Own Windows 10 VR

Microsoft just announced that the company is bringing Windows Holographic to the PC. The company also announced that it will be partnering with OEMs to build virtual reality devices for Windows 10, powered by Windows Holographic. At WinHEC 2016, the software giant officially revealed the minimum PC specs required for Windows 10 VR.

Microsoft Windows 10 VR Specs:

Microsoft’s minimum Windows 10 VR specs has already leaked last month, but here are the official system requirements.

Windows VR headsets

Microsoft Windows 10 VR


Microsoft Windows 10 VR

CPU Intel Mobile Core i5 (e.g. 7200U) Dual-Core with Hyperthreading equivalent
RAM 8GB, Dual Channel required for integrated Graphics
GPU Integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 equivalent or greater DX12 API Capable GPU
HDD 100GB+ SSD (Preferred) / HDD
HDMI HDMI 1.4 with 2880×1440 @ 60 Hz or HDMI 2.0 or DP 1.3+ with 2880 x 1440 @ 90 Hz
USB USB 3.0 Type-A or USB 3.1 Type-C Port with DisplayPort Alternate Mode
Bluetooth Accessories will need Bluetooth 4.0 or above that

Overall, then, you couldn’t get a much more stark contrast to the demands of the likes of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. That said, this is a bare minimum spec, and it is just for the running Windows VR stuff, not potentially much more demanding games (which of course vary widely in terms of their requirements).

Over at WinHEC in Shenzhen, Microsoft also announced Project Evo, which represents a partnership with Intel to push forward in not just mixed reality with the above headsets, but also to make strides with gaming, AI, Cortana and advanced security.

In simple words, the project expects to usher in a broad range of innovations which will encompass elements such as game broadcasting and eSports, better defences against hacking, advances in biometrics with the Windows Hello, and ‘far-field’ voice capabilities – meaning you’ll be able to use Cortana from right across a room.

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