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World’s First Portable Wireless Record Player: RokBlok

Portability has never been vinyl’s strong suit. Records themselves are just a bit unwieldy (at least, compared to the other audio platforms) but the fact that you also need a turntable to listen away from home further complicates things.

If you are heading to a buddy’s place that has one, that’s great… but what if they don’t? That’s where something like the RokBlok could come in handy.



The company has placed a product called RokBlok on Kickstarter. RokBlok is a device which acts as both the needle and the speaker for a record. Place it on top of your vinyl, then push a lever to get it working, and RokBlock will drive merrily over your disc, and playing it in the process.

The idea is very reminiscent of the VW Soundwagon, a miniature vinyl player from Japan that also rides along the top of your records. But while Soundwagon had to rely on the tinny speaker inside, the RokBlok has Bluetooth, and making it possible to use it for decent sound music by way of a connected speaker.

RokBlok Portable Vinyl Player Specs:

The gadget is compatible with both 45 and 33 1/3 RPM records and utilizes Bluetooth technology so you can stream audio to a Bluetooth speaker sys. Pink Donut, the San Francisco-based concept company behind RokBlok, says that its rechargeable battery offers up to four hours of music playback and 2 days of standby on a full charge (a full recharge takes about two hours).

RokBlok Portable Vinyl Player Price:

The RokBlok is available on Kickstarter for an early-bird price of $59 — 40 percent off the intended full retail price of $99. It is estimated to ship in September, but given that this is the first hardware project from a first time company, the usual recommendation to use your best judgement when backing still stands.

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