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Samsung MU Series TVs – Experience The Ultra High Defination

Samsung has recently announced the availability and pricing of its new televisions called – the Samsung MU Series TVs. All the new models support both 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR High Dynamic Range. These televisions are the company’s budget offering for those of you who are looking for a solid tv, and are not planning to break the bank in order to buy.

The Samsung MU Series TVs lineup is composed of four series, namely MU 6, MU 7, MU 8, MU 9 series. All the four models features a Samsung’s new smart TV user interface along with the smart remote control that packs voice capabilities. Unfortunately, the new televisions will not support Dolby vision capabilities.

Samsung MU Series TVs

Samsung MU 6 Series

It is the most affordable series in the newly arrived televisions. This series will available in a wide range of size options ranging from 40 to 75 inch models.

Model Price
40-inch UN40MU6300 $550
43-inch UN43MU6300 $600
49-inch UN49MU6500 $750
50-inch UN50MU6300 $745
55-inch UN55MU6300 $798
55-inch UN55MU6500 $1,000
65-inch UN65MU6300 $1,300
65-inch UN65MU6500 $1,500
75-inch UN75MU6300 $2,798


Samsung MU 7 Series

The Samsung MU 7 Series is more advanced than the first one, they offer wide range colors with Smasung 4K Color wide Pro. This series will available in a wide range of size options ranging from 40 to 65 inch models.

Model Price
40-inch UN40MU7000 $699
49-inch UN49MU7000 $798
49-inch UN49MU7500 $984
55-inch UN55MU7000 $1,070
55-inch UN55MU7500 $1,298
65-inch UN65MU7000 $1,637
65-inch UN65MU7500 $1,866


Samsung MU 8 Series

The MU 8 series features a 4K HDR Extreme, 4K Color Drive Extreme, and Triple Black. It offers even more color as compared to both series. It exhibits the extreme contrast between the darkest dark and the lightest light. This series will available in 49 to 82 inch size models.

Model Price
49-inch UN49MU8000 $1,199
55-inch UN55MU8000 $1,489
55-inch UN55MU8500 $1,698
65-inch UN65MU8000 $2,198
65-inch UN65MU8500 $2,398
75-inch UN75MU8000 $3,799


Samsung MU 9 Series

The more expensive and the more advanced series than all the series. This series will offer a wide range of colors and having a Triple black Extreme feature that gives you better detail even in dark scenes.

Model Price
55-inch UN55MU9000 $1,999
65-inch UN65MU9000 $2,699
75-inch UN65MU9000 $2,999
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