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Rylo 360-degree Camera Let You Do Creative Things

Rylo 360-degree Camera – manufactured by a team of former Instagram and Apple engineers – that wants to do creative things. The newly arrived 360-degree camera is equipped with some unique software that will let you allow editing cinematic-quality video on the go. If you are interested, you can grab it with an amount of $499 and goes on sale today.

Rylo 360-degree Camera

“For most people, creating and sharing beautiful video is a lot of work,” says Alex Karpenko, CEO, and co-founder of Rylo Inc. “It requires planning and, most of the time, videos turn out shaky or you miss the moment entirely. The combination of Rylo’s hardware and software gives anyone the confidence and creative freedom to get the perfect shot every time.”

The Rylo 360-degree Camera comes with dual-lens, means there are two 208-degree wide-angle lenses and it is capable to capture 4K picture at 30 fps in full 360-degree coverage. The lens comes with a f/2.8 fixed aperture and having a 7mm lens on a 35mm camera. As I mentioned earlier, it comes with some unique software that allows you to export “traditional” 1080p videos from the 360-degree clips as well as you can also choose the area which you want to focus.

What I like most about this 360-degree Camera is that it comes with the “cinematic stabilization” meaning it is able to deliver buttery-smooth shots. The company also claimed that Rylo is able to remove unwanted camera motion or shakiness automatically, so you can easily capture smoothest videos and pictures.

Another notable thing is that, with this Rylo 360-degree Camera you can also make 360-panorama images, as well as this camera, can shoot 6K resolution and share it online with your friends and family. The camera also features an OLED screen and there is a single button for controlling it. On the storage front, there is also a MicroSD card slot that will boost your storage up to 256GB. However, the built-in 16GB card can store up to 34minutes of video or 5000 photos.

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