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Luna USB adapter Can Turn Your iPad Into A Second Display For Your Mac

The development crew and designers behind the exceptional Astropad utility that lets in you to apply your iPad as a secondary display, this week unveiled their next product which takes the form of a hardware adapter that turns any iPad into a real, wireless second display.

Luna USB Adapter Design

The Luna display is an progressive and practical USB adapter designed to covert your iPad right into a second display screen in your Mac. As shown within the photos, the adapter sports activities an extremely compact design, so that you can effortlessly take it anywhere with you, and the geometric outside grants a minimalistic modern aesthetic fashion.


Luna USB Adapter Features

The USB adapter comes in two models based on different connectors: Mini DisplayPort and USB-C, so it works with any modern Mac running macOS 10.10, Yosemite or later like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro and more. Of course, you also need an iPad with iOS 9.1 or later, and it supports iPad 2 of later, any iPad mini and any iPad Pro.

All we need to do is simply plug Luna Display into a USB port or Mini DisplayPort of your Mac, and setup in seconds, then our Mac will have another display. Undoubtedly, using the touchscreen of the iPad we can more intuitively interact with various applications from the Mac for improved productivity. We even can use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to create awesome artwork using Astropad Studio and Astropad Standard, which keeps sync to the connected Mac.

The USB adapter is designed to keep communicating with your Mac via WiFi, but if WiFi is unavailable, it can also connect with your iPad via USB cable.

Luna USB Adapter Price

The team behind Luna Display has successfully achieved the crowdfund goal on Kickstarter, but we can still pledge $65 to preorder the USB adapter for Mac and iPad. It’s expected to be shipped in May 2018.

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