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Build Your Website In Just Four Simple Steps

If you want to start a website and do not know how to exactly create a website? Creating a website for your small business can be easier than you think. You can make a website by yourself and it takes just an hour and after an hour your website is ready to start your business. In this guide, I am going to show you how to build your own professional site. You just take simple four steps that are very important part of the process to build your website.


Step 1: Choose A Website Platform

The foremost step is to choose the site platform. In the early days, people created a website by coding in HTML and as you could imagine it was harder to create. But with the introduction of Content management system like wordpress, there are many simple options to create a site in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Basically, there are three big platforms, that are; WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The most popular site building platform is WordPress. It is used by individuals at 58 percent in both small and large businesses.

cms chart

The reason for the popularity of WordPress:

  • It is free to use, it cost nothing.
  • It is mobile ready, means if you are creating your website with wordpress, so you are also able to access it with your mobile phones.
  • WordPress is the best option for both small or large businesses.
  • It is very simple, easy to use, and user friendly.
  • Huge support and developer community available to help.

I highly recommend you to choose a wordpress and creating your site with wordpress. It is versatile and the best choice for beginners.

Step 2: Choosing a Domain Name

Once you select the platform, now its time to select a domain name for your site. At the very first, you should what is a domain name? It is what people will type into their web browser to get your site, for example:

The domain name should relate to your website content, for instance, if you want to create a technology website, you should select a name that is related to technology. It should be easy, short and precise and it costs per year.

Step 3: Choosing the Web Hosting Service

The hosting service that connects your site to the internet. But there are many wordpress hosting companies that offer best service. And making decision which company to choose can be frustrating and daunting. But choosing the best you should know your needs and then focus on what the hosting company will provide you? Which features they are offering you? You should select than one service, which is affordable, provide security, regular backup, uptime monitoring, support and customer service to your site.

Step 4: Install WordPress & Build Your Website

Now, you have got a domain name and hosting service plan. The next step is to install wordpress and setting up your site. We choose wordpress because it is popular, easier and simple to use.

Here are the steps to creating your site:

  • Log in to your hosting account
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Look for wordpress or website icon
  • Select the domain where you want to install your website
  • Then click the install button and you will get access to your new wordpress site.


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