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Uber’s ‘Saved Places’ lets you save your favourite location in app

Ride-sharing service, Uber recently introduced a new feature, that making it easier for user to bookmark their destinations other than your work and home addresses with new Saved Places feature inside the app. This new feature is now available for both iOS and Android user in the US only and it’ll be rolled out to rest of the world later this year. You can also read out other ride-sharing service at Autoxpedia. I am so surprised that it took Uber this long to give user the option to saved places. But it good to be that Saved Places would likely make my life easier.

uber drop-off feature

Saved Places feature

In order to add location to your list of Saved Places, all you have to do is look for the feature to save that address in the Uber feed. Once the address has been bookmark, you can access it at any time by just a single click ‘Where to?’ and also selecting ‘More Saved Places,’ where a list of the addresses will appear. This is definitely a small change, but the cumulative seconds saved by the each of us are bound to add up to some bigger numbers. Saved locations will even show up on the app’s home screen with your shortcuts, if you use them enough, and saving even more time in the long run.

This update should be live in the US starting today so make sure you head on over to App Store and download the update. Saved Spaces will become available globally later this year.

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