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Mercedes-Benz 2017 E300 E-Class Sedan

Give your life a boost of drift with the Mercedes-Benz 2017 E300 E-Class Sedan features astonishing body design and enhanced with advanced features.

Mercedes-Benz 2017 E300 Sedan

Burn the track into ashes with the Mercedes-Benz 2017 E300 Sedan because it is implanted with a 241 HP powerful and effective engine with a speed of up to 5,500 RPM, which let you reach your destinations in a very few moments its engine delivers a maximum torque of around 273 lb-ft at the engine speed of about 1,300-4,000 RPM and has built-in with 17.4 gallons of immense fuel capacity.

The Sedan has emerged with a sleek aluminum body design and has a unique body dimension which includes a brilliant length of 193.8 inches, a 57.8 inches of height and 81.3 inches of width (without mirrors) with a 115.7 inches of great wheelbase and 5 passenger seating capacity.

The 2017 E300 Sedan has powered with a 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission and rack-and-pinion steering with electromechanical power assist and direct-steer. The Sedan has featured with an advanced technology in Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which continually monitors your driving inputs and the vehicle’s motion to help keep it going in your intended direction, especially in corners and during evasive maneuvers.

The E300 Car also features 4MATIC all-wheel drive which was added to gain your control and confidence in the vehicle while you are driving and a great feature of 4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS) added as well, which searches for the first sign of wheel slip and responds to ensure torque is sent to the wheels with the best grip, even if that’s only one wheel. The Mercedes-Benz E300 is very cost effective in price and is available in $52,150 only.

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