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AOC CQ32G1 flameless curved gaming monitor lets you fully immerse in the world of your favorite games or movies


Last fall AOC brought its curved G1-series displays aimed toward gamers, imparting excessive refresh quotes in conjunction with AMD’s FreeSync. This month the employer has started selling its flagship G1 version, which has a QHD resolution, runs at a hundred and forty four Hz, supports FreeSync, and has a 31.5 inch length. The CQ32G1 is […]

Featured, Mobile & Gadgets

Stratus Duo is SteelSeries’ latests full-size multi-platform controller created to offer mobile games

SteelSeries has revealed Stratus Duo, a brand new widespread Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wired-free controller designed for cell structures, Oculus move, Samsung equipment, and pc. The controller goals game enthusiasts who want something more substantial than a touchscreen or mini sport pad, rather presenting plug-and-play capability along a layout just like gaming console controllers. Mobile and […]

Featured, Mobile & Gadgets

Barner 2.0 computer glasses are designed to protect your eyes from blue light from your digital devices

In case you spend long hours gazing PC, tablet or phone screens you will be interested by new laptop glasses designed to shield your eyes from Blue light. Supplying you with advanced sound asleep patterns and a more fit life-style.The Barner 2.0 laptop glasses, now to be had to back through Kickstarter with early bird […]

Featured, Mobile & Gadgets

Enjoy a more rewarding typing experience with the AUKEY KM-G11 Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard


With 87-key layout Aukey KM-G11 typewriter styled compact mechanical keyboard brings you a secure typing experience for improved productivity. Complete with 87 keys, this retro style tool is ideal for everyone who loves traditional typewriters and simple layout. The KM-G11 capabilities a frameless steel case in conjunction with round retro keycaps. The minor indentation gives […]