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Elgato Eve Degree, A Compact Temperature & Humidity Sensor Integrated With Apple’s HomeKit


Accessory maker Elgato has recently announced the newest device in its Eve series of HomeKit-connected devices, Bluetooth-connected Eve Degree temperature and humidity monitor. Elgato‘s Eve Degree is a compact temperature, air pressure, and humidity sensor, wrapped up in a simple and handsome design, and it promising to be the smart trigger your connected home has […]

Featured, Mobile & Gadgets

TwelveSouth Is Back With Another Useful Mac Accessory With The MagicBridge


Twelve South has recently revealed MagicBridge, an accessory which connects your Apple Wireless Keyboard and your Magic Trackpad 2, creating a one-piece control surface which lets you swipe and type more efficiently. The MagicBridge is a natural extension of TwelveSouth’s earlier MagicWand accessory for the older version of Apple’s trackpad and keyboard duo. But there […]


How Do You Start A Successful Blog


Make money while working from home with a blog is hard work, but the barrier to entry is very low, and making it very low risk. It is no secret. These days, publishers rarely work with authors who do not have an online presence. The reason is simple: it is a lot easier to sell […]

Featured, Mobile & Gadgets

Huawei announced P10 and P10 Plus, two flagship grade smartphones at MWC 2017

Huawei p10

HUAWEI recently announced the launch of the new HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus, co-engineered with Leica. Both the smartphones were launched in two colours: PANTONE Greenery and a Dazzling Blue. Design Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are two high-performance Android smartphones. The P10 measures 69.3×145.3×6.98mm, weighs about 145g, and the P10 Plus is 74.2×153.5×6.98mm and […]